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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mississippi Department of Corrections - How to Send Money To A Prisoner

Effective February 1, 2009 the Mississippi Department of Corrections will no longer accept money orders for inmate deposits. Any money orders postmarked after January 31st will be returned to sender.

In the interest of efficiency and security, the Department now offers these simple and convenient payment options from CYBERSUITE Correctional Services, a division of Keefe Commissary Network.

Previously, the only option for sending money to a loved one at the Department of Corrections was to send in a money order. In addition to the aggravation of actually getting the money orders, they could also take as long as a week to post to the residents' account. In an effort to make the process easier and improve the efficiency and security regarding resident deposits, the following payment options are now offered for family and friends:


Toll Free Phone Deposits – 866-345-1884
Bi-Lingual Call Center Staff
Accepts MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards
Fees as low as $4.95
Deposits allowed up to $300

Internet Deposits –
24/7 Availability
Accepts MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards
Fees as low as $3.95
Deposits allowed up to $300
In order to make a deposit using our secure website, you will need to create a profile on your first visit and have an active email address. Once you are registered, your deposit history and inmate recipient list will be saved for your convenience.

Walk-In Cash Payment Deposits – Western Union Quick Collect™
Over 45,000 Western Union locations
Call 800-325-6000 or visit for locations near you
Fees as low as $5.95
Cash deposits allowed up to $5,000
In order to make a Walk-In Cash Payment please follow these simple instructions:
1. Go to a participating Western Union location
2. Fill out the blue Quick Collect form and include the following:
-Quick Collect Pay To: MDOC
-Code City, State: MDOC, MS
-Account Number*: Inmate's ID# and last name
-Attention: Inmate's first and last name
-Posting Time: 1 business day
3. Turn in the completed form with your cash (including fee) to the Agent clerk.

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  1. Steven,

    It has been years since I was able to write to you, and as I lay here in bed with my laptop looking at this amazing website that you have put together with the help of people who will finally listen to you, only one thought goes through my mind.....(well, besides HAMS lol and DEEP DCKINS haha).....laying all jokes aside, I am super proud of you. The last time we were writing, I had begun to experience seizures out of nowhere and was attempting to work a full time job plus handle anywhere from 2-3 appointments with specialists each week. I have finally learned more answers about my condition, but at the time I am sure you remember how puzzling it was for me. I miss you very much and need you to know that your letters were something that even my loved ones knew cheered me up and gave me hope. I am still living at the same address and expect mail from me soon. I am able to write again and plan on helping you in ANY WAY I possibly can. You were like a brother to me, during the hardest time in my life. I owe you for that.

    CANDACE ')


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