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Sunday, August 18, 2013

CCA... MTC... Different Name, Same Thing

I was recently informed to be careful as to what I write for my loved ones to post here on my blogs, that people could view it negatively. I will continue writing for these blogs, and I will continue to express my views. If someone thinks it's a crime for me to speak my mind, please feel free to immigrate to China. I do not express hatred or negativity on my blogs because I don't harbor these things in my heart. If I express myself bluntly and you don't like it, that is fine and it's your right to disagree. It works both ways, however.

That being said, I want to update you about what has been happening at Wilkinson County Correctional Facility since MTC began running of operations at the prison. In many instances MTC has the same staff doing the same things they did under the previous administration. The supervision of the kitchen is the same, as is the food with only a couple of menu item changes. The laundry runs five days per week, instead of only two or three days per week. The clinic is backlogged by about 300 sick call requests, and the staffing isn't what they need right now to catch up, nor do they have the necessary supplies. The same staff is still operating the mailroom (I found my evil midget clown pictures, too). No staff has been assigned to organize things in the Visitation Department yet, and though C-custody isn't being allowed visitation right now, A-custody and B-custody are. We were supposed to have a Chaplain at the beginning of August, but that hasn't happened yet. And until the lockdown ends we probably won't see any religious services or educational programs being made available.

The administration has let a few pods off lockdown status, so far: Lima, Mike, November, Sierra, and Tango, from what the staff is saying. More will come up soon. What worries me is that MTC does not really have an emergency response team to deal with any situations such as the violence that happened in April. The same prisoners that fought each other then are still housed around one another for the most part. I know that whatever is going to happen is going to happen- if anything at all. I just pray for all our sakes that we don't have a repeat of April.

We have not received any kind of orientation material since MTC assumed the contract here at WCCF. From what I gather, these are some of the current administrators:
Warden - Mr. Shaw
Assistant Warden - Ms. Tyra Jackson
Chief of Security - Mr. Gabriel Walker
Investigator - Mr. Gaines

I am hoping, as I have many times before, that the situation will continue to improve. I'll do my best to help the process, if possible. I would really like to see some positive things happening in the near future.

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