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Monday, May 28, 2012

A Change is a'Comin'

In response to a recent post request I will try to update you, my Constant Readers, as to what has been happening here at Wilkinson County Correctional Facility. You might have noticed from the lack of posts during the past few months, things weren't great. Fights, stabbings, almost constant lockdown throughout the entire facility. And that's why Mr. Raymond T. Byrd was brought in as the new warden.

Since January, Warden Byrd has been working to bring about the changes necessary for the facility to operate as it should. Part of that is a change of the guard, so to speak. There have been many terminated from their jobs, demotions, a restructuring, many under observation, as well as new guards trained and hired. As one of my associates is fond of saying, "Mr. Byrd runs a legit business."

One of the things I've had to adjust to is "going back," which is our way of saying that we have to go to the dining hall to eat our meals. The only prisoners in general population that eat their meals on the pods are the ones on Protective Custody units that aren't allowed to go to the dining hall. Mr. Byrd sent down the order, so that anyone else who wants to eat has to come to the dining hall. Makes sense.

There was recently a contest held to determine the cleanest and most well-behaved pods in the entire facility. The winning pods got to participate in a "fun day" on May 5th where we got to spend the morning outside, play baseball, volleyball, and listen to music (that the staff picked). They fed up burgers, hot dogs and chicken that they grilled right there. We also got treated to single-serve ice cream. The food was in addition to our regular three meals. That day was Cinco de Mayo, so we got some good Mexican fare. Really enjoyed it, myself.

On May 12, Fly Right, Inc. was here at the prison. For more about this event, click here. A Christian ministry, they volunteer to come into schools and prisons. This was the first such event I've had the chance to attend since being incarcerated and I'm grateful for the experience -that Chaplain Speight arranged it, Warden Byrd okayed it and that the volunteers came into the prison.

The changes are coming at a steady pace and I will be keeping you all updated. Here at WCCF I've noticed they aren't attempting to keep guys in long-term segregation, locked down indefinitely. I'll try to find out what's been happening down there. If you have any specific questions, please leave them as comments on the post and we will answer them if at all possible. It takes a few days for me to get the messages from my loved ones and then get a response in the mail, but it will get done.

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  1. Awesome post ! Keep them coming :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Glad to see some changes at WCCF for sure. Is everyone off lockdown these days? Even building D? from what i hear, phone calls have been sparse these days, and whats up with guys being brought to visit sept 30, well some of them , in cuffs????

  4. well, i guess its getting harder and harder to get information these days,Yet again, i hear more disturbing news, fence broken through, contraband found, windows broken, Federal? in ripping the place apart, EVERYONE might get an RVR? what's up with that? where is all this coming from? IS it the Casper thing? why is everything blamed on gangs in most facilities? IS IT as bad as some say? IS EMAIL still down?? I called last week because a couple i sent early october were never recieved. I was told the computer is down? I contacted access... they said no service ticket has been reported. PLEASE Please JESUS , keep our guys safe!!! thanxxxxxxxxxx

  5. there is something bad going on in there... we haven't heard from Steven for much too long and we are all very worried. :(

  6. Rumors abound, I hear a hole was made in the fence and a bag of contraband was found??? SO the Federals were brought in and a big shakedown going on. Confiscated many blankets and mats too if i am not mistaken. Possibly everyone to be written up??? It has gotten bad, I did hear the new warden was attacked a couple months back and he fired many and hired some new. not good, not good at all, on another note I did recieve snail mail and the Holiday package thing was handed out and ordering begins today. Prayers for all!! IN JESUS NAME.

  7. Still looking for any news or info someone has as to what is going on at WCCF, I did get a letter and email maybe working again, Holiday package not showing shipped yet for my bud, and I have heard Mr. Vine has been fired. SO far my bud has not been written up and I hope it continues as fifth sunday visit is coming up in December. Blessings from Central MS.

  8. Still no phone calls from my son, i do get letters, and now i wonder will they let them have thier Holiday packages? I ordered Oct 23 and no email yet that it has shipped. Seems like normally its only a couple weeks.

  9. Thank you for your comment. Steven has been having issues with the mailroom, but it seems to be settling down for the time being. It's difficult for him to call us, as well, because there are always problems with the phones it seems. Doesn't make sense as much as they charge per call. We've been in contact with access and there are no problems with WCCF receiving the holiday packages. Some have already been shipped. If you ordered online or by phone, you should receive an email soon. If you ordered via postal mail, it takes a bit longer. He should get his package though. If we hear anything else, we'll be sure to post about it. Always feel free to comment or ask questions.

  10. thanx,My son did finally get his package per his last letter last week, normally i get an email, if i did, i must have deleted by accident. HAAA< I bet i get the charge. I ordered on line the 2nd day allowed. ALLS well for now, no phone calls allowed on his zone apparently, and still locked down, rumor has it, that zone will be down until the end of December although visits are allowed I believe. Guess I'll find out next month. Emails were finally released also. thanx again!

  11. SO, Any new info lately with WCCF? Im afraid i lost my cool down South a few weeks back about a mess up on the list for special visit and was turned away, i always call, i seldom get the visit lady (DAY) on the phone, spoke with a Van Norman i believe and she denied having cleared the way for visit. I don't curse but i did rant a bit, and will be contacting SOMEONE after getting an ok with my son. I asked to speak with the warden and was told, no he was busy and they were under a state of emergency, I asked why would they be letting others in to visit if they were under a state of emergency. GO figure, everyone else was allowed in, and I have visited several times, I have more trouble there than any other place I have visited.

    1. Thank you for reading, & thanks for your comment. We're sorry you've had so many problems at WCCF, & most anyone would lose their cool in that situation. We encourage you to contact people about this incident because informing the proper authorities about it goes a long way towards preventing a repeat performance. From what we understand of the situation, there were quite a few prisoners who weren't approved for the special visit and had to immediately get their case manager to correct the mistake. One problem is that they've had Ms. Day assigned to work long-term segregation on a daily basis until recently, so she doesn't have time to do any work in the Visitation Department. Hopefully, you won't have any more problems with your visits in the future. Here are some email addresses you can use to contact those within CCA: -the big boss -director -managing director -Warden -secretary for Warden

  12. hay thanx, Im a bit slow checking in, but the emails should come in handy, I've not contacted anyone as my Son did not give me a go ahead. Its a real pain waiting on letters as he also has not been allowed to call in 6 months or so. WELL, let me change that , finally he managed a short call last week but I was soooooooo glad to hear his voice and surprised that I didn't get to ask him about visitation. REST assured I will start calling in plenty of time for that next special visit. Zones have been changed so maybe just maybe that will make a difference, take care!!! Blessings from Central Miss.

  13. Realy thanx for the email addresses, Im working on emailing several, ASAP probably, I can tell on the web , my son is in a diff building, im really worried after i heard someone was stabbed 50 times a week or so ago. GOT any info? Prayers for all. I'm pretty sure because it happened on my sons zone, I'll not be getting that 5th SUnday visit next month. Blessings and be safe!!!!!!!!

  14. has thing's really gotten better there for you all.


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