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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Demond Flowers - A Senseless and Preventable Death

At least three times prior to this I have started writing about how conditions at WCCF are improving, about how things are changing for the better and so on. As soon as I write it out though, something happens and we go back on lockdown. I don't know how to look at things positively right now, though. A young man lost his life on Saturday 4/20/2013 and these guys were happy about it. Completely pointless and senseless.

So here is the situation, unvarnished and without positive spin. I feel that those in administration knew something was going to happen and allowed it to take place. I will explain this in more detail in a later post. As it is, CCA's contract ends in June or July and they haven't expressed interest in making a bid to run WCCF again. The physical plant at WCCF is in serious disrepair. The roof leaks all over the facility, the HVAC and plumbing is in need of an overhaul, mildew has taken over but is ignored. CCA has no interest in investing any more money into this place and is just waiting for their contract to run out.

I have been incarcerated since 1998, and nowhere else in all the time I have been in prison have I seen a facility stay locked down as much or more than WCCF. Nowhere near as much. The only consistent thing is its inconsistency. Today we might be locked down. Tomorrow? We might be out for four hours in the morning. The next day? Maybe a couple hours after 1 P.M., and we might come back out if they can get the count right. Every day it is different.

Common sense tells you that in a situation such as prison it is important to set up some kind of schedule and maintain it. To do otherwise is to invite chaos. That is what it seems like they are trying to foster here- chaos. They have an education department and staff they cannot even utilize. They have a gymnasium they only use to stick us in during shakedowns. We haven't been out in the sunshine since May of last year. The majority are being punished for the actions of a minority. Why not lock down and punish those that are causing the problems? Hell, they locked me down for 10 years. I guess that was different though.

The days ahead are uncertain ones. They cannot let us back out together because they aren't even certain who all was involved. If they do let us out together, there will be more violence immediately. But where are they going to move those whom they are certain were involved and responsible for the previous violence? It's past that point and would amount to closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. People need to be asking how it got to this point and why it was allowed to do so.

As for what happened during the fighting on 4/20... I have to write about it. There will be a separate post, but I am still trying to sort it out in my mind. It will be here for you to read in the near future, blood and gore and all. I'm not all about doom and gloom however, and hope to be able to give you some good news.

My thanks to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. My condolences go out to the family of Demond Flowers.
You are all in our prayers.



  1. Thank you for your bravery and giving the public an unbiased view of what the state of Mississippi is allowing to happen not only at WCCF but all of the private prisons in Mississippi

  2. ive heard so much about WCCF and some about April 20, but not near enough lately in the media, last time i checked, Fellows is not even mentioned on the media page at MDOC. they posted about the guy that committed Suicide i think in APril, but yet, not real statement has been posted. Its my understanding they are still "interogating" F zone, even pulling guys out in the weeeee weee hours of morning to do this. I hear they are still shaking down that zone almost every day, its my understanding they moved the two they say did the actual murder but still seem to believe it was caused by someone else??? or is all that just a big coverup to soothe the public? thanx for the info, please continue to post. AND wow if they do not renew the contract, what then? AND WHY O WHY do they put (well if it is gangwarfare) on the same zone???? and if that is the case , it was a gangsta and ViceLord , who did Mr. Fellows follow? so many questions, not enough TRUTH to be had. thanx again, stay safe.

  3. Our government, state and federal could stop this mis-treatment of people in jails/prisons, if they wanted to. They could stop the police and D.A.'s all over this country from entraping thousands of innocent people, and putting them in these hell-holes for years. Many of these hell-holes are owned and operated by private organzations, consisted of, judges, D.A.'s, politicians,(at all levels),and other wealthy people. Our once proud country, that loved and respected its citizens,is now a third-world country, courtsy of osama, and politicians, everywhere


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