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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to send money to a MS inmate from abroad

A bit of explanation. The current admin of this blog does not live in the USA but in Poland. And while I was reviewing old posts to check whether the information we had provided was still accurate, it came to my attention that the website Mississippi Department of Corrections advises to use when sending money to inmates,, cannot be accessed from abroad. I got a huge 403 error message: 

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

The same problem occurs when I tried an alternative website

I managed to obtain their email address and this is the response I received:


Dear Marta,

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to the amount of chargeback and unpaid credit card transactions we were receiving, we have terminated the ability of a credit card order to be placed that has a non US address as its billing address.  This includes all credit card orders whether placed via our website, phone or mail process.
We will however process mailed in orders that are accompanied by cashier checks or money orders payable in United States dollars.  Cashier checks may be obtained at most banks.  Money orders obtained from foreign post offices are acceptable.
We are working on establishing Pay Pal as an acceptable method for non US based transactions, but that process has not been completed at this time.
Thank you for choosing Access Corrections!  We appreciate your business.

Customer Service

Access Corrections Customer Service


As much as I can understand their "No foreign credit cards" policy, it is strange, least to say, to ban all foreigners from visiting their website. I have written to them again and will let you know as soon as/ if they respond

Anyone has ever experienced similar problems? Please share your stories in the comments section


  1. I noticed just this week, that MDOC may be offering the JPAY site for putting money on account. have you tried it yet, I didn't since I already have it set up at the existing site.

    1. JPay is indeed offering services in Mississippi. And it does work.

  2. do you know the blogs now offer the option to post your page and comments on facebook? just wondering. thanx for all your info.

  3. Hi :-) thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I've noticed that on some blogs it's possible to post comments both on blogger and facebook at the same time. I am a bit technologically challenged ;-) and have not figured out yet how to make necessary changes on PrisonInmatesLife. I will work on it after Christmas. It's now quite a hectic time with all the cleaning and baking and decorating. Happy holidays!

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