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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New services (coming soon)

One thing I have wanted to do with the blogs since their inception is to vet products and services for those of you who have friends and loved ones in the DOC system. Next year will be my 16th consecutive year as a prisoner of MDOC, so I have an idea of what guys want and what they might need to help them do their time more easily.

I would like to see your feedback on this particular topic. We are thinking about starting out by doing book reviews with links to purchase a copy of the book that meets the requirements of prison mailrooms (paperback, not spiral-bound, no CD inclusions, etc.). So many folks are overwhelmed by trying to do something for their incarcerated loved one because of the numerous and often arbitrary restrictions that they don't even know where to begin. I hope that we can make the process a bit easier.

Once we see how this works out, we will consider adding other services. Keep in mind that these blogs are maintained for me by my loved ones who volunteer their time and energy. They have gone through -and are still going through- what you are going through right now. You aren't alone in all this. There are people who understand and who care. I want to see these blogs spark a community of those affected by the prison industrial complex, who support one another.

A quick reminder... Holidays are one of the most difficult times for prisoners and those who love them. Try to make allowances because it's a stressful period for almost everyone. Love and light to you all.


  1. Thanx once again for your info and previous responses ... I'm wondering if you have read the released reccomendations document ..I am still in the process of reading it and trying to make sense of it. If you get a chance could you look over it and possibly summarize? Especially the earlier release of violent crimes and nonviolent percentage. Thanx and believe me....I too know the stress of the holidays....I thought they would get easier but no no no. I can only imagine how you and your family deal.

    1. Hi :-) Hoping you are okay and that perhaps you had a chance to visit your son during the holidays and if not, that it will be possible soon.
      I'm not sure which document you are referring to, I am sorry. If you have a link to the page where is was published, we will review and let you know our thoughts on it.
      Happy New Year from PrisonInmatesLife team!


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