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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 Mississippi Summer Package Program

Here we are again. We've cycled back around, the days are longer, it's hotter outside, and if you're in Mississippi you know that it can feel like you're trying to breathe through a wet dishrag. Of course, most everyone has dishwashers these days, but you get the idea. Prisoners in Mississippi look forward to this time of year, though. Why? Because it's time to order the Summer Package.

Ever since I first became eligible, my family has pitched in to make sure I receive a package. I usually order things like corn chips, nut and yogurt trail mix, Tang, hot cocoa mix and other things that will last awhile. And yes, I said hot cocoa mix. Did you know that you can sanitize a commode with Tang? In prison everything serves multiple purposes. Not to be confused with multiple porpoises. (see So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish) I want to thank Memaw, Aunt Deb, and Granny for making it possible to get a package.

I have some good memories from receiving packages. You know those big packages of chewy chocolate chip cookies? Yeah, I sat down and ate an entire package of them and drank a couple of strong cups of coffee. It's not often that I feel full, but I couldn't eat anything else that day. And one hot summer when we were still at Unit 32, they were giving us 32 ounces of ice three times a day. I had just received my summer pack and mixed up a strong cup of Tang. I'd not drank any Tang in years. I stirred the Tang and added ice, letting it melt as I did so. When it was just right I took that first swallow... I swear I felt it travel all the way to my stomach. After a moment it seemed as if I felt it course through the rest of my body and a sense of wellbeing came over me. I'll never forget that.

Don't underestimate what you're doing for a prisoner when you order a package for them. Ordering begins on May 12, 2014. The last day to place orders via phone and web is June 23. Orders placed via mail must be postmarked by June 16 and must be received by June 23. Packages can't exceed $100 per prisoner, and there is a $3.95 processing fee for all orders. Access Securepak® is required by Mississippi to collect 7% sales tax on every order, including the processing fee.

Ways to order:

Ways to check your order:

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Trish Jolly at the Pearl, MS Office at: 1-877-420-1576 or 601-420-4100

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  1. hellooooooooooooooo???? wassup these days, really loved the updates, Please please are you ok?

  2. Steven - Hello my dearest pal from forever ago yet always shall remain a lifetime friend. Candy here. ;) Sending well wishes and to be honest, the strongest positive vibes that I can direct your way. Now I'm able to use this here nifty iPhone gadget that the rest of the world figured out ages ago lol so I wanted to post. After getting caught up on things with no using of bulky laptop lol Also wanted to let you know (along with heaps of thanks) I still come back to your 2 posts regarding the Access Securepak packages when I have any reason to send a summer, holiday one to a loved one. I recently had to order and send a sundry package from Access ( but not an exempt package thankfully lol as they aren't the best of things to sit and choose items from- this was one of two of a friends yearly limit on sundry pkg kind ) and I have done this with a total of four packages in the past nearly two years. I always keep your blogS saved in my fave links and I'll come back HOPING YOURE BACK AND OKAY BUT A WACKY CARD IN MAIL WILL HAVE TO DO SOON lol and as far as the valuable suggestions on package items to order and send to family loved ones etc you have been a huge help to me. More than just that once I'll have you know lol!! :) Best of all thanks to you I knew to check on what my cousin last year was just getting from commissary aka STORE yet wanting me to send one big box of nothing but cookies and chips- a myriad of different kinds and as many boxes possible if I got name brand pop tarts. I knew that he had fussed for a week over needing coffee, drink mixes, cereal that they didn't have in there, Knorr pasta sides like spaghetti to fix when the tiny meals just were not filling etc. I told him I'd get the stuff he could not get in there and if so I do know never managed to get it before sold out. Sent the essentials and things just like you said would last for a while (more than one half day lol in his case anyway- he's going to be the male version of Edna Scary in Pants for this family soon lol) and soon enough when the FUN STUFF ID THROWN IN AT THE END (name brand was evidentially a big deal at first when his 42 c a week had to pay for CHEETOS and DORITO chips himself so it I assume lol was oh very much easier on him knowing I paid for the chips, multiple but not too many candy bars and precious name brand food) was soon all gone in under two or three days he was then glad that Id sent the stuff he'd truly need for that whole next month. Even new blanket & a new pair of shower shoes at his request so THANK YOU FOR ADVICE THAT TURNED OUT TO BE MORE PRICELESS THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!!! Hope ALL IS OKAY & hope also to hear back from you whenever I send early Xmas card down your way! ;) lol


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