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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wilkinson County Correctional Facility

In the process of emptying Unit 32 of prisoners, I was transferred to Wilkinson County Correctional Facility in Woodville, Mississippi. A trip of approximately 200 miles, lasting between 4 and 5 hours, sandwiched in with 9 other inmates, one of which was just doused in pepper spray.

Any change from the environment of Unit 32 was welcome. The Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman has an oppressive air about it -so much so that every time I've left the grounds of that prison, it has felt like a literal weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Wilkinson County Correctional Facility is operated by the Corrections Corporation of America, and has contracted with the MDOC since last year to start housing prisoners on longterm-segregation status. Normally they wouldn't have wanted to house prisoners that are on longterm-seg because it costs more, but with the downturn of the economy in recent years, the corporation reevaluated its policy.

Understandably, WCCF wasn't prepared to house the prisoners shipped in from Parchman. They were not accustomed to dealing with this many prisoners in lockdown. They are still adjusting, but I have to say, they are making progress. I will write about conditions in a future post. I do want to give some basic info here.

The main administration is composed of Warden Jacquelyn Banks, Assistant Warden Vines, and Assistant Warden Walker. From what I've seen, they aren't about micromanaging. They appoint individuals to positions and allow them to do their jobs. That makes for a better atmosphere than that of Unit 32, where the style of administration was exactly the opposite.

WCCF's physical address is 2999 U.S. Highway 61 North, and it's located two miles north on Highway 61/junction 563.

The mailing address is:

Wilkinson County Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 1079
Woodville, MS 39669-1079

And they can be reached by calling- (601) 888-3199

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  1. thanx for all the extra info, I've had many issues getting anything written as to mail room policy from WCCF, i've visited a beloved son at many MS facilites and its a learning curve every time he is moved and will be for a long time to come. I look forward to reading (well i think i do) more from home in a more private atmosphere.
    GOD BLESS us all and THanx Steven.

  2. You are very welcome for the info. I hope to be able to continue providing useful information that is easily accessed. Right now only two ladies work in the mailroom at WCCF, so they've got a lot on their hands & are doing the best they can. I imagine it's difficult.

  3. Steven,

    So glad to see you have been moved. I wish we had never lost touch and would love to write you soon and let you know everything that has happened on my end. It hasnt all been good, but it has made me stronger even though I am still the crazy person I always was! :P I think of you often, I am currently working on receiving disability due to my seizures which were growing worse when I had to stop writing. But I have found your blogs here thankfully. Take care. -Candace, Winchester, Kentucky

  4. Good luck! I hear the wardens a lesbian butch.

  5. I just hope my friends are and will be safe at this prison.I have read some very scary things...but I found this blog to be the more helpful..merry christmas !

  6. I personally hope the bastard that robed and killed my only child rot in the bowels of hell for eternity, nothing can ever erase the pain that caused me, his mother and 2 small children that have to grow up without their beloved father and good son. may they all rot in hell.


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