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Monday, February 7, 2011

Rules & Restrictio​ns for Mail (WCCF specific)

The rules and restrictions for sending mail to prisoners in Wilkinson County Correctional Facility differ slightly from the rules and restrictions for sending mail to prisoners at the Mississippi State Penitentiary. I will address the differences here, but suggest you read both. To read MSP's mail rules click here.

One of the major differences I've seen that I find encouraging is how the mailroom handles returning "non-allowable items" a prisoner might be sent by mistake. Instead of just returning whole letters because someone sent a prisoner a laminated bookmark or some such, the mail inspectors will remove the item and send the letter on to the prisoner. The prisoner must sign a form stating what he chooses to be done with the item. He can have it mailed back to the sender, sent to a different address, or have it destroyed. The prisoner also has the choice to appeal the decision. That's professional. That is the way it's supposed to be done.

Here are the differences in the rules:

  • A prisoner can still receive (2) two pages with printed material from the Internet -front and back on each if you choose- but WCCF is more lenient on this arbitrary rule.

  • Only (10) ten pictures per envelope, and the pictures are to be no larger than 3 in. x 5 in. A prisoner can only have ten pictures in his personal property at WCCF, anyway.

  • No more than (6) newspaper clippings per envelope. >Prisoners at WCCF are allowed to recieve up to (4) four paperback books per package. Click the link for more on sending books.

  • Prisoners at WCCF are only only allowed a subscription to (1) one adult/pornographic magazine. No magazine depicting penetration is allowed.

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  1. do you know ANYONE who has won an appeal at ANY of the facilities? my son has filed many and it appears to be impossible. I wished I had found some of this info a while back, I have had a chat with mail room personnell at many facilites, some have been more helpful than others. I try my best to follow MDOC guidelines, but when a facility will not share info in writing this can be near to impossible.
    thanx again and GOD BLESS

  2. I do know of several people, myself included, who have won appeals of mailroom decisions. Often, as is the case at Parchman, a prisoner isn't given the opportunity to appeal & is only informed after the item(s) have been returned to the sender. If a prisoner even knows it's his right to appeal the decision, three things usually stop him: 1) He doesn't know how to appeal, 2) it takes too long & is too stressful & frustrating, & 3) he doesn't think it'll do any good. I am in the process of authoring some "How To" guides to help prisoners overcome as many of the obstacles as I can. The program through which most appeals are made, the Administrative Remedy Program, has recently changed & I'll be posting about it soon. Thanks for reading the blog, & I appreciate your comments. Stay tuned because the blog will continue to grow & become better. Let us know if there is anything specific you'd like to see written about.

  3. hay thanx, i look forward to any and all information which at times i pass along to people and families i meet along the way. every tidbit can be handy. every facility can be soooooo different. Attitudes lately seem to be a bit "softer" at WCCF as of late. I do my best to be courteous even when I just want to scream. I think by now, some have realized, I DO NOT GIVE UP!!! I just turn the nice button higher and continue to call even when it may take 12 calls to get the information and answers I NEED!!! thanx again,

  4. well, yet again, i may have to do a call downtown or WCCF, i have not decided at this point, the last time i talked to my son, he mentioned he did not get the last two emails i had sent. Im hoping we just got our wires crossed and he thought i was talking about a couple diff ones, but i don't do that many emails as he prefers the handwritten ones even though my writing can be "furiously terrible". Normally they let him know if he can't have them for some weird reason, i don't think they are lost in cyber space. thanx for listening,

  5. good friend was trsnsferred to this facility not too long ago..will he recieve letters I write to him by mail...which address do I use? I was hoping u could watch out for him...I am so worried..


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