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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prison Glossary - Law library

Law library- This varies from facility to facility, and usually the space set aside for the law library is only minimally large enough to pass as such. The law library is part of a set of standards that statutory law outlines the prison must provide, such as access to courts and access to counsel. There will be a certain amount of legal research a prisoner must be able to do, and many facilities no longer keep actual legal tomes, relying instead solely on services online like Thompson WestLaw and Lexis-Nexis. Both of these are good, but the prisoner must know how to ask the law library staff for exactly what he/she wants. To request law library services, a prisoner completes an Inmate Legal Assistance Program (ILAP) request form and gives it to a CO or turns it in to the control tower. If the prisoner is in general population and the services they request require it, they will be called out to the law library on the scheduled day for their housing unit unless it is shown they must meet an emergency deadline. For prisoners in a lockdown setting, they must rely on what is termed as an "exact-cite paging system." Meaning, if they do not know exactly what they need and exactly how to request it on an ILAP Request Form, then they will not receive it.

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  1. It sounds like a system heavily weighted in favor of the state.

  2. Steven, i hope you get relief from Miller. I'm helping a juvenile (now 24) with his appeals (brett Jones) whose case is about to be decided in MS supreme court on 8th aMendment-as it applies to miller retroactivity. Keep fingers crossed. Justice kitchens who has the case wants retroactivity and the states suggestion of 10 years eligibility for parole. Pray sir.

  3. Thank you for your comments. We are full of hope for Steven. We know he will be back at home with us, where he belongs. We're keeping our fingers crossed for Brett and other young people who have fallen victims to the injustice system.


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