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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prison Glossary- Sick Call

Sick Call/ Sick Call Request: If a prisoner is having any kind of medical issue and needs medical attention, unless it is an emergency, the prisoner is required to fill out a Sick Call Request form. This form asks for the prisoner's name, DOC#, housing area, nature of the complaint, and if the prisoner agrees to a $6.00 co-pay fee, if they are not indigent. The Sick Call Request is given to a C.O., or either deposited into a designated box or turned in to the control tower. After the Sick Call Request is collected the next day, it is processed and -depending on the backlog- the prisoner is called out for Sick Call. In a general population setting, the prisoner is informed by the control tower that he is wanted at the clinic. He is given a slip of paper stating his destination and the time of departure from his housing unit, and is cleared to walk to the clinic. In a lockdown setting, the  prisoner must be escorted by at least one officer (sometimes two), after being restrained in waistchains and shackles.

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