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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Prison Glossary - Yard Call

Yard call- Respective of the housing of the prisoner, this refers to mandated recreation time. In general population where prisoners are housed two per cell, they are to be allowed out in a dayroom area or outside of the housing unit, in a gymnasium or on an actual yard on the prison grounds. A yard on the prison grounds sometimes has things like a volleyball net, maybe a basketball goal or two, a set of dip/pullup bars. In an open dorm setting, the prisons get a lot more leeway in providing yard call, especially with "open" C-custody. Closed C-custody (long term segregation) yard call is mandated at five hours per week, which is provided in recreation pens made of steel mesh and are approximately the size of the prisoner's cell. The prisoner is escorted to and from the recreation pens while wearing waistchains and shackles.

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